The Rusty Hook was opened in 1978 by Jerry Rilling and his wife, Sharon. With the help of retired airline pilot, Sam Roberts, the Rilling’s built the store into one of the premier tackle shops in the area. Providing a selection of rods, reels, and terminal tackle along with custom rods and rod & reel repair. In 1986, Alex Masumoto was added to the team as a rod wrapper. Over time, Alex was introduced to the major suppliers and became store manager. In 1995, the Rilling’s decided to retire and Alex purchased The Rusty Hook. He expanded the inventory, catering to anglers from freshwater, to shore & pier fishing, and all the way up to hardcore San Diego long range fishing. Alex has been seriously fishing for over 50 years. Two trips to Clipperton Atoll, several to the Revilla Gigedo Islands, Guadalupe Island, the Ridge, Alijos Rocks, and several trips to the East Cape and Cabo San Lucas. He also fished the Eastern Sierra in his younger days and did a fishing trip to the Palau Islands and Japan. Alex has been building custom fishing rods for over 50 years and does excellent repair work.